Top 10 Home Inspection Marketing Ideas

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Home inspection marketing is similar to any local small business marketing, although some ideas will work better than others. It can be challenging for home inspectors to market their business in an effective, affordable and efficient manner, but there are tried and true tactics you can follow.

You may be good at home inspections, but you may not be a marketing guru. However, the marketing tips and secrets below will get you a long way from scratching your head wondering what to do and where to begin.

Here are our top ten home inspector marketing ideas to help you effectively get the word out about your home inspection franchise and make sales.

1. Have a Home Inspection Website, and Ensure it’s Mobile Friendly

In this day and age, if you don’t have a website, you’re not a business. Not only do you need a website for your home inspection business, you need one that looks great and loads fast on all mobile devices too, a.k.a. mobile-friendly. A huge amount of searches happen on people’s phones now, so being mobile-friendly is a requirement today.

It doesn’t have to be a large or complicated website, but you need some kind of online presence. You could use free platforms like Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Squarespace or Webnode to make and house your website. Or you could build a site from scratch. If you choose the latter, you’ll likely need help, so be sure to hire the right people. Inspector Website

2. Get a Logo

Your website, business cards, flyers and any other marketing materials associated with your home inspection business will need a unique logo that identifies your business.

It may be worth hiring a designer to create a professional-looking one.

3. Set Up a Google My Business Site

While it’s better to have both a website and a Google My Business (GMB) site, you could conceivably get away with having just a GMB presence.

Since Google is the number one search engine, setting up your business on this platform is a no-brainer and will help you get customers. It also allows you to manage your Google reviews in one place too.

4. Marketing Your Inspection Business on Social Media

Once you have a website, be sure to create a social presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others. Then link back to your home inspection site from the profiles you set up on each social media site. If you add regular posts that people find valuable and useful, you can slowly start to establish yourself as an authority in your area for home inspections.

Answer people’s questions, post often and stay engaged. Social channels can become a home inspector’s marketing goldmine.

5. Business Cards and Flyers for Marketing

When you meet people, give them your business card. Ask local businesses if you can hang up your flyer. Any way you can get your name out there in your community so that when people have a need for a home inspector, they think of you! Collateral materials can help spread the word that you’re open for business.

Home inspector and marketing to client

6. Get Reviews for Your Home Inspection Business

The more positive reviews you can get for your home inspection business, the better you’re going to be. People love social proof, and what better social proof is there than someone leaving a positive review about your business?

Your home inspection marketing strategy should include trying to get reviews. Add a request on your website along with a link to the place where they can leave a review.

When you complete a job, be sire to ask your customer to leave a review. Follow up with them after a little bit to ensure they’ve done it. A simple email is usually all that is needed as a nudge.

7. Work With Local Realtors

Your home inspection marketing efforts wouldn’t be complete without making sure you’re reaching out to real estate agents in your area a lot. They can be a great source of referrals. Go to networking events, call them on the phone, visit them in their office with a box of donuts, do whatever you can to get to know realtors.

8. Join Home Inspection Industry Organizations

Joining groups like InterNACHI and ASHI for instance can help you network and learn, both essential for marketing your home inspection franchise. Their websites usually offer a wealth of useful information, and going to events sponsored by these organizations will also give you the chance to pick up marketing tips. For more associations, see our home inspector resources page.

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9. Pay Per Click Advertising

Although Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be expensive, it is often an effective marketing method to get hot leads. You can set daily limits in the amount you spend to avoid breaking the bank.

You ought to be vigilant with it and make sure your ads are targeting the right potential people in the most effective way possible, or you risk wasting money.

It can be time-consuming, but you can always consider hiring a firm to help you too.

10. Make a Page On Your Home Inspection Site About Realtors

If you create and post a unique page on your site that speaks directly to realtors in your area, the page could show up in Google’s search results when local realtors do certain searches. It could be a way to capture realtors’ interest without you having to reach out first.

The page could be about how you partner with realtors in your area for mutually beneficial relationships. You could also add posts to your business’s social media pages that speak directly to the realtors in your area.

Marketing your home inspection business is essential. You’ll get referrals and business if you get your marketing right. It takes time, diligence and commitment, but it’s worth it. Once you find one or a few marketing channels that reliably work for you in your area, do more of that. Like any business, or anything else in life really, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get back.

For more help, view our Become a Home Inspector Guide.