They Love Being Part of the HouseMaster Family, You Will Too!

See why these Franchisees Would HouseMaster Again When Given The Choice!

Scott Mccreary

I do, we have a lot of tools at HouseMaster. I appreciate all the help at the franchise level that people give. Also, other home inspectors are very accommodating to help and answer questions.

Tim Lazzari

Housemaster has given us a great back up, we have business coaches, technical people and other franchises that are concerned about each other and want us to be successful.The staff at the home office they are genuinely concerned about our success of our business.

Scott Dampier

Owning my own HouseMaster franchise has allowed me to provide for my family in a method that I enjoy. It allows me to meet people and use my personal skills in the way enjoy and it also allows me open scheduling so I can do the other things I enjoy with my family.

Rich Spraggs

Housemaster creates enthusiasm, the first thing that comes to mind is working with first time homebuyers, they are enthusiastic about the house and I get enthusiastic. I love seeing that enthusiasm.

Paul Dolynny

Everything we do is the HouseMaster way. HouseMaster has been a proven developed method of home inspections, we follow that way, it works for our benefit and for the clients as well.

Nick Henry

Yes, I would join HouseMaster again hands down. They are good partners they are a good team and all the fellow franchises help you out. I see no downside of joining housemaster.

Mike Kauffman

If we started all over again we would definitely choose HouseMaster. We did not know a lot about the home inspection industry but we know a lot more about it now, we know our competitors. What we do, what we deliver with HouseMaster is a lot more superior to anyone else that is out there. We know it but we also have the realtors telling us as well.

John Prete

HouseMaster as a business has provided me with a tremendous opportunity to use all the tools I have acquired through the years and use them at the fullest ability, from the business side, working with numbers, marketing, and advertising, managing employees.It has been a truly fulfilling experience.

Joe Welch

I get to see my kids grow up. Before I was working overseas, I spent three quarters of the year overseas. I would see my daughter and she was calling the computer dad, I wasn’t there to take her to soccer games. It has given me the freedom to be home, to see my kids grow up and to be with my wife.

Matt Peck

I like the family element, professional but personal and always willing to help in every aspect.

Jim Malvesto

Housemaster is different because of the training, the guarantees that we offer and the education that is continuously provided to better serve clients and to offer more for their money.