Home Organization & Storage Tips & Ideas

Home Organization & Storage Tips & Ideas

Whether you are in the mood to declutter the house or plans include major reorganizing, the following 10 ideas improve the appearance, space, and comfort in your home. Use one or more ideas from this list and you’ll soon notice big changes that bring convenience and simplicity your way.

1- Photo Storage Boxes

Photographs take us back to special events and occasions in our lives that we never want to forget. Many families have old photographs they enjoy looking at from time to time but hate the clutter that photos create. Traditional boxes also damage pictures over time, but if the photographs are stored inside a box especially designed for photos, you can leave worries behind.

These boxes are constructed from acid-free materials, reducing the risk of damage to your photographs. Photo boxes come in assorted sizes and designs and can hold all of your favorite photographs.

vertical shoe rack

2- Over-the-Door Shoe Rack

Shoe obsessed? So many of us love shoes and our closets show just how much. If you own dozens of pairs of shoes, an over-the-door shoe rack rescues you from shoe clutter if you were not blessed with a walk-in closet with specialty shoe slots. Shoe racks hold as few or as many pairs of shoes as you own and cost a few dollars. Choose from shoe racks in assorted colors, sizes, and designs.

3- Coupon Organizer

Coupon clippers understand the importance of proper organization if they regularly use the dollar-saving deals. Rather than deal with coupons stuck in the bottom of your purse, stuck to the refrigerator, or lying around on tables, use a coupon organizer to keep track of them all. Coupon organizers reduce clutter around the house (and bottom of the purse) and ensure you never miss the great deals due to lost, damaged, or misplaced coupons.

4- Metal Baker’s Rack

A metal baker’s rack is useful in the kitchen but for many years, the tool has decorated many rooms in the home as users discover its many benefits out of the kitchen. Put a metal baker’s rack in the garage, the office, or in the kid’s room. The rack holds tons of stuff and adds a nice appeal to any room thanks to the plethora of awesome styles.

5- Vertical Bathroom Shelves

As one of the smallest rooms in the house, the bathroom needs as many organizational strategies in place as possible to maximize every square inch of the room. With vertical bathroom shelves, you instantly get more space, less clutter, and convenience. Make your own vertical shelves if you have handyman skills and the time. Or, find vertical bathroom shelves in assorted finishes and sizes at your favorite home remodeling or home decorating retailer.

Toy bin

6- Toy Bins

Kids often have more toys than they can play with and it seems they all manage to make their way all over the house. if you are fed up with stepping on LEGOs in the middle of the night and playroom messes, toy bins to the rescue! Toy bins come with individual bins so your kids can give their toys their own spaces based on character, size, etc. Colorful bins add fun to any playroom or kids’ bedroom.

Spice Rack

7- In-Cabinet Spice Shelf

Spices flavor our meals wonderfully, but they clutter the kitchen and create an unsightly space. With an in-cabinet spice shelf, all your favorite seasonings are within reach but out of sight so the kitchen appeal does not suffer. Another benefit of an in-cabinet spice shelf is that it keeps your spices well-organized. Purchase a shelf for under $20 or DIY by purchasing about $10 worth of materials and spending a couple of hours completing the project.

8- Message Center

Take a sheet of metal and a dry erase board to create a message center. For about $20, you can enjoy the convenience and declutter the house with the board that attaches easily inside the cabinet so only you see the information. Use the message center to jot down ingredients and supplies you need to pick up from the market, appointment reminders, and other need-to-know details that you could otherwise forget.

9- Cutting Board Rack

Keep your cutting board out of sight with a cutting board rack. The rack attaches to the inside of a cabinet door so it is easily accessible when needed, but out of sight and out of the way at other times. The racks look similar to magazine racks, only they hide inside the cabinet.

You can put one or more boards in the rack. Like the other organizational products on our list, you can make your cutting board rack or purchase a pre-made product at your favorite retailer.

10- Tie, Scarf, and Belt Organizer

Closets seem to play hide and seek well when it comes to small accessories like ties, scarves, and belts. If you can never find them when you need them, purchase or construct a tie, belt, and scarf organizer. Many organizer styles give you the freedom to keep these items neatly in place so you can access them when it is time. The organizers hang on closet doors, although other styles are also available.


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