7 Money-Making Home Services Business Ideas

Today’s consumers want convenient services for their fast-paced lifestyles. In turn, the demand for home services keeps on increasing. It is a profitable niche that features such services as babysitting, home decorating, and window washing.

Do you want to provide home services? If so, then check out these seven innovative home service business ideas you may want to start:


1. A Home Inspection Franchise

Of course the best option of all is a Housemaster Franchise! Do you have a keen eye for what potential homeowners look for in new homes? Why not become a home inspector and run a franchise? You will liaise with a real estate broker in arriving at a fair valuation of listings.

Further, you will pinpoint areas that need repairs before they compromise the structure of the houses, and before money exchanges hands. Such repairs are for the HVAC system, roofing, electrical system, or even a pest infestation.

Also, you can become a go-to resource for homeowners who want referrals for the best contractors to remodel or repair their homes. View our learn more about having a home inspection franchise.


2. Pet Sitting Services

Dogs - Pet Sitting

The Washington Post reports that 68% of households in America own a dog. These numbers are almost double the national statistics that stands at 38.4%. Second, a third of the homes have a cat.

Yet, with strict rules on pet ownership and care, pet sitting services are a lucrative business here.

Here, you offer to look after the pets at their home kennels when their owners are away. In turn, the pets get all the care they need without moving them to a new location. It is an assurance for the pet owner that their pets are safe.


3. Restaurant Delivery and Take Out Service

Busy professionals have little time to socialize outside their working hours. It is an opportunity to run a restaurant delivery and take out service.

A customer can order online from their favorite local restaurant. Your job will be to ensure the order gets to the customer while fresh and sizzling. Build a brand that is reliable, fast, and affordable.


4. Home Cleaning Services

Now, not everyone enjoys doing spring cleaning now and then. Yet, healthy indoor air, spotless bathrooms, and cozy homes that are free from clutter need regular cleaning.

Then, give residential cleaning services at an affordable rate. Here, homeowners can have the appliances and entertainment they want without worrying about the burden of cleaning and maintenance.

Further, families with babies, children, or seniors have allergen-free homes that are safe for them.

And, when the families hold parties or private functions, you can charge a premium rate for your service.


5. Handyman Home Services

Nails - Handyman Services

A handyman will be on call for quick repairs ranging from a home security system, soundproofing, landscaping, to the barbecue pit. It is that helping hand that saves homeowners time and money to get their homes functioning as they should.

As an experienced handyman service provider, you have to identify the common issues facing your clientele. Come up with a customer service strategy that sets you apart from the competition. Use social media marketing to provide useful tips for your audience.


6. Moving and Relocation Services

A transition to a new home can be stressful for a family. There is paperwork to do, and belongings to sort, pack, and move while taking caution not to damage anything. Still, a moving and relocation company in Boise provides an efficient, careful transition of all your stuff within a budget.

The company keeps track of the items while observing all the local rules, regulations, and insurance requirements. To offer this service, ensure you have strategic partners in the logistics industry to make your service competitive.


7. Residential Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Finally, do you have a professional background as a lawn services provider? Then, set up your residential landscaping firm in your city. Provide sustainable landscaping ideas that improve the value of homes in the area. Hence, your services will include trendy renovations, maintenance, installations, and designs.

Offer membership plans for your loyal customers. Here, you want to create a platform to build your brand. Use it to sell your services, especially during the peak seasons. Alert your audience of the latest releases, discounts, or innovations via direct mail. Further, get your business on the local real estate listings and expand your reach.


To be successful, outsource your non-core duties so that you can concentrate on what you do best. Second, aim to create a customer experience that identifies your brand. Join professional networks in your area.

They will tell you of potential opportunities and risks you never knew existed. And have fun. Yes, when you enjoy providing your service, you give it your best, and you’ll discover success!